Abbeys and Landscapes

These are the naked skeletons of the monasteries - moody, melancholy and magnificent. Survivors of war, plague and dissolution. Stripped and demolished, battered and bruised - but not destroyed, triumphant in their own beauty. Captivated by their history and survival, Joy paints what she feels not what she sees, finding each abbey truly inspirational in its own way.

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The First Resort

Two years in the making, twelve classic oil paintings highlight landmark sites which are part of Scarborough's Urban Renaissance. The narrative of the paintings is heightened by an informative publication given free at the exhibition.

For more information about The First Resort please go to Exhibitions/Event page.

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The Magic of Scarborough, Series 1

This gallery displays eight contemporary oil paintings created by Joy Lomas for the exhibition, "The Magic of Scarborough". The paintings were said to be unique and distinctive by those who viewed them. Their success has already been achieved by their ability to communicate to people from many walks of life. Remarkably, they all sold in the first few days of exhibition to art investors and collectors.

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The Magic of Scarborough, Series 2

Four more paintings which complete the series The Magic of Scarborough were previewed at an Open Day at Coast Gallery attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Scarborough 2010/11

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